One to One Direct Response

The directors, donors and employees of Franciscan Charities have long been willing to help resolve the problems and issues that negatively impact the people in the neighborhood. Issues that seem insurmountable to our guests are often discussed and resolved over a meal in the kitchen. School clothes for a child. Rent subsidies to relieve financial pressures. Furniture for the homes.

This generosity underlies our Angel Network and Direct Giving programs. 

The Angel Network responds to requests for household or personal items – often on an emergency basis – finding beds, furniture, refrigerators, school uniforms - whatever is needed.  

The Direct Giving program provides a monthly stipend to help selected families meet their monthly basic needs. These families often simply need a little cushion to help alleviate the financial stress in their lives. We teach and review financial skills, such as balancing a checkbook or paying utility bills and credit cards. In exchange, some participants (though under no obligation to do so) volunteer regularly at the kitchen in appreciation for the support given.

What makes these programs special is the level of involvement of our people. Goods, items or financial assistance are not simply dropped off and forgotten. Phone numbers are exchanged. Communication continues. Personal connections develop.