Jobs Program

Franciscan Charities established a job program in 2011 with the goal of providing training and jobs to the chronically unemployed. (The average period between jobs for our trainees is seven years).

Our participants often have life issues that clash with traditional work force requirements - lack of transportation, for example, or unanticipated parole meetings - and create a real challenge to obtaining and holding down a job. With a nod to the notion of “Dignity Through Work,” we teach job skills, reinforced on a one-to-one basis, emphasizing the importance of showing up on time each workday.

Franciscan Charities provides hand-selected clients with mentoring and volunteer opportunities in our kitchen. Those who exhibit a willingness and ability to perform consistently become eligible for full-time, paid positions working at the kitchen, with the ultimate goal of preparing them for positions outside of our organization.

We offer vocational training on an individual basis, depending upon both participant interest and availability of jobs. For example, our chef Ronney Jacob learned through our program and has now operated our kitchen for the past three years. Others have landed jobs with automobile and restaurant businesses.