Thankful for helpful hands

It was water, water everywhere at the soup kitchen yesterday, but plenty to drink for our clients!

A kitchen flood meant no hot food for our Meals to Go, but that didn’t stop our small but mighty team from handing out 225 snack bags and lunch bags with pb&j sandwiches, Irish soda bread, and more.

Shout out to Diane Braschi and the folks at Artic Falls Water, whose generous donation of a pallet of water meant several waters in each bag and plenty more for the week ahead.

And a salute to Melissa Hillier, Jean Marie Gall and their ever resourceful team for making this happen. Water about to ruin boxes of toilet paper in the kitchen? No problem! Pack those rolls up and get them out to those who need it!

Closing dispatch from the crew: “Spirits are still up! Hope to be open Saturday!”

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