People are hungry

The days are getting harder. We all know that.

Here in the basement of St. Ann’s Church, the kitchen flooded again. The mayor of Newark placed us squarely within one of the city’s three virus “hot zones,” and then days later issued a “shelter in place” order.  Our skeleton crew of staff and volunteers grew even thinner.

We’ve had to shift off-site to prepare meals and pack bags – relying in the short term upon folks who’ve offered up their homes and are cooking and packing food bags as fast as they can. We’re finalizing plans to once again cook in a larger kitchen offered up by a church outside Newark.

But here’s the good news! Today and for the many days ahead, we’re still here, handing out hundreds of hot meals, snack bags and food pantry bags.

Because people are still coming, lining up along the sidewalk outside of St. Ann’s church. And in the words of one volunteer, “people are hungry.”

We need your help now more than ever. No amount is too small. Please consider making a donation through up our sign up sheet HERE.