Celebrating our volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of Franciscan Charities. Our organization wouldn’t exist without them - from the handful who came in 2004 bearing cups of hot soup and good intentions, to the more than 1000 who have since walked through our doors to serve meals and save lives.

So many have stayed, like Carl Pierre, who remembers the early days when we had no meaningful kitchen and volunteers cooked meals at home, bringing them to the hungry waiting for a meal in the basement of St. Ann’s Church.  And here is Carl still, in the early hours this past Saturday morning, prepping food for lunch service.

Over time, through the generosity of donors and with the hands of volunteers, Franciscan Charities created a worthy kitchen and raised a fabulous chef, our own Ronney Jacob, who  himself first came through our doors in search of a hot meal.

Growth is built upon hope and help. As we kick off National Volunteer Week, we say a heartfelt thank you to each and every volunteer who has graced us with your helpful hands. You have built Franciscan Charities.

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